For as long as I can remember, I have loved creepy-crawlers. As a kid I spent my summer holidays catching snakes, grasshoppers, frogs, crayfish and whatever other interesting little critters I could find. Not surprisingly, when I became interested in [obsessed with] photography, it was really close-up and macro photography that fascinated me. I love photos of critters that are too small to see well with the naked eye. Of course, considering how my vision has gone down-hill, a water buffalo would now probably qualify…

Anyhow, I envision this blog as a sort of mash-up of photography, husbandry and comments about critters and nature in general. To be honest, I’m pretty curious as to how this is going to turn-out…add another page.

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      • Hi Ernie 🙂
        I found your blog through the WWF website…I’m writing a fiction book that involves the trafficking of endangered animals and wanted to get the facts right. Would there be anyway I could ask you some questions?
        Thank you!
        PS Your photographs are awesome/amazing!

  1. I’ve always been afraid of small critters – or “creepy crawlies”. But I have to say that seeing them up close on your blog has made me realise they’re really not that bad. Thanks! :]

  2. Hi Ernie, I like it! Some great shots here! I like the series of picnic-pests taking the meat off the table – especially the wasps! Hi from Malaysia!

    • Hi Chris! Thanks for this! I’m looking forward to seeing your site when it goes up! For that matter I need to get back to Malaysia with my camera…

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  4. I never much liked bugs, but now that I’m garden blogging, I see them as “material” — even when they’re in the house. I also need a macro lens to see what I’m looking at. Great work!

  5. Very nice work. I’m a biologist that was influenced by my father’s love of photographing nature. I’m sure he’ll enjoy your work as well!

  6. Grown up with an arachnophobic mum I only made my peace with these creature when I moved to Amsterdam. A few years later, living in Australia, the fresh peace lasted and helped a lot since all houses I lived in seemed covered in nature including mice and huntsmen spiders.
    I did love to observe them hunt. So fast – it looked like flying to me!
    Great blog! Very unusual views that we normally do not get.

    • Thanks for this! My mom was afraid of spiders too. Sadly she passed her fear to me too. But I always knew my fear of spiders was irrational. I finally cured myself by getting into tarantulas! I set up a dozen different tarantulas in aquaria around my bedroom. A couple of nights lying bed listening to them rustle around (terrified they might get out) cured me of my fear!

  7. I’m curious: Spent 20 minutes today watching a carder bee (Bombus pascuorum) that had small black ants crawling all over it. The bee tried to get rid of the ants and eventually managed to move away from them. Were they hoping to take it to their nest? What were their chances of success & what would have happened had they succeeded?

    • Possibly…I am no ant specialist, but I know that the western thatching ants I spend time watching near my house are constantly bringing back bits of other insects to their nest….

  8. Dear Macrocritters, I’m doing a research project dealing with the affects of MSG on planaria. I saw your post https://macrocritters.wordpress.com/2012/10/28/planarians-ii-the-sequel-macro-photography-of-a-turbellarian-flatworm/ and loved the pictures! I was wondering if it would be alright to include one of the pictures in my research presentation. I would make sure that all credit for the picture would be given to you and your website. Please respond when you see this, I’m have a hard time find good pictures of planaria. Thank you so much for posting these amazing pictures!

      • hi macro

        i am into beekeeping, newbie

        so my bees have a problem with varroa mites

        i found out that pseudoscorpions eat them

        did you have any success in finding pseudoscorpions

        i am in the metro van area

        successful help might result in some “sweet reward” i.e. honey

        i need a whole bunch of the pseudos

        any luck/help

        thank you

      • Hi. Sorry, I haven’t been successful in finding pseudoscorpions yet…but to be honest I haven’t tried looking for quite a while. It is on my list of things to do…

  9. Hi Ernie,

    Love your blog!

    I’m just starting out with photography, and like you, am fascinated with the insect world. I’m sure I’ll be coming back to for ideas and inspiration.

    Your photos of the jumping spider with a cricket are fantastic! I love those little guys, their eyes remind me of the sensor pods on a surveillance drone.

    Looking forward to your next post!



  10. Really enjoy your blog. the photos are great, (I’m jealous).
    I love Macro photography and photograph insects of any type whenever I have the opportunity.
    Your sit is inspirational.
    I hope E Cooper Environmental Consulting is doing well!

  11. I enjoy your blog, even if I’m reading older posts. I even shared it on reddit hoping it would get you some attention and traffic.
    I also wanted to share this video as I hope it might inspire you to keep taking your great macro photos! https://vimeo.com/157712307

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