5 comments on “Macro big game hunting: a boreal jumping spider feeding on a western tent caterpillar

  1. I once went to a talk by a young nature photographer who said the same thing. He took a second look at a photo he’d dismissed as not very good and decided to enter it in a competition. He won the competition!

    Love this spider and its enormous catch – enough food to last weeks or months surely!

  2. Ernie,
    Great photos of a difficult subject. I too have chased a jumping spider around with my camera. Your depth of field at f/11 is astounding to me. It must have something to do with the small sensor in your camera.. I mostly use a 200 mm micro Nikor and have to use a much smaller aperture.

    • Thank you! Jumping spiders are so photogenic, but so wary! The advantage you have with the 200mm is a lot of working distance. These photos were shot with a 35mm macro which meant I was right on top of the spider. The only reason I was able to get so close to this specimen for so long was because it was hauling around such a huge meal. I’ve now moved to a 60mm macro, which has better working distance. I’m very pleased with it…

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