10 comments on “Photographing down the food web: silkworms (Bombyx mori)

  1. I used to help keep silkworms as my mum was a teacher and used them to help teach her class about insect life cycles. At weekends she would bring them home, where I cleaned them out and fed them oak and hawthorn leaves. Eventually they hatched into moths. We used to let them out at night to fly around and for years afterwards found little brown eggs laid around the house!

    The photos are fantastic.

    • LOL! Wonderful story! Years ago I had reared some huge atlas moths and had them flying around my house. Too much fun…! Unfortunately these silkworms died. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I’ll try again soon. I’d really like to rear and then breed them.

    • Ha! I don’t even know what a mulberry branch would look like! I’m sure there must be some mullberry growing somewhere in Vancouver. It’s on my list to find this summer…

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