8 comments on “¡Viva los cangrejos mexicanos! Photographing ghost crabs (Ocypode) on a Mexican beach

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Doing whatever it takes to getting really close to wary critters is my idea of fun – the thrill of the hunt, so to speak.

    Bright sun on white sand – that’s about the only way to get off fast-shutter, low-ISO shots using only natural light. They look great. Photo #6 is my favorite for the natural history drama it portrays.

    • Thanks very much! I have to admit, it really was a lot of fun…one of the highlights of my vacation! LOL! Fall has arrived with a vengence here in Vancouver…cold and rainy. I’m really going to miss getting out in the field with my camera gear…

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for taking the time chasing crabs in order to share this with us!

    I am going to reblog the link on my reblog page; love it!

  3. Great photos of one of my favorite animals! I remember very well trying to get similar shots on a beach in Delaware. In the end I even resorted to using a remote camera, placed near a burrow.

    • Thanks! Its really astounding how fast these crabs can move! The only time I have encountered them before was on a beach ner Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. They were much larger crabs though. This was back in 1982 (I’m really dating myself) and I photographed them using a 500mm mirror lens. It was a state of the art lens back then! Now I look at those photos, with the out of focus donuts in the background, and cringe…

  4. these are great photos 🙂 we saw these crabs at dusk on Playa la Ropa in Zihuatanejo last November. They would scatter and even run up over the toes of our sandals. it was very entertaining.

    • Than you!! I really loved these crabs! Really fun to photograph. There were bigger (and very beautiful) species on the rocks in the surf, but I wasn’t about to take my camera into the spray!

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