3 comments on “White on white: portrait of a white moth

  1. I was searching for answers about the “white Cabo moth” and came across your website. First about the moth. Thousands of the moths in Cabo. First thing I noted in Cabo when we got off the plane was hundreds of mostly dead white moths on the runway around the entrance to the terminal. Found more later against a wall and on the floor in a shopping mall. Many getting stepped on. All motionless. When I gently moved one on the cement ground with a credit card, it stirred to life, kind of lifted off the ground, moved around, and then made it self comfortable against the ground by making itself as flat as possible. A local told me it had something to do with a heavy rain that fell a few months ago and another that they migrate through or to Cabo. Most of the moths just seem to be coming here to die.

    Well who knows. What it did do for me was bring me to your website! Awesome macro photography! And all the details of how you improved your photos. I belong to a camera club that is about sharing and learning about photography. We don’t compete. I’ll share your website with our macro focus group. Great find!

    • Interesting observations about the moths. One morning while I was in Cabo I went out to the desert and there were countless yellow butterflies flying all in the same direction. Very interesting, and pretty. I wondered where they were all headed…

      Thank you for your support!

  2. Excellent detail in your insect photography. The “White box” technique is used specifically for that purpose. The lighting is soft and diffused. For that reasons dark shadows are eliminated and contrast lowered. This makes for a more detailed image that is much more printable. As biological photographers, we need all the help we can get. Check out my white box method at http://bkloflin.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/create-shadowless-backgrounds/
    Thanks for your contributions. Nice work!

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