5 comments on “How to photograph an invisible spider

  1. Great story. I ran into a Fisher spider with her eggs, she was frozen and would not move, but that was her camouflage against the background. A very frightening beast I will post the photo on Halloween. In the meantime I wanted to say i have been enjoying your website very much.

  2. Awesome shots! That first one would be a great visual aid for some teacher; project it on the screen and ask the kids to tell you what they see. A lesson on environmental adaptation, perhaps.

    Used to live in Chilliwack; miss the Fraser!


    Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit

  3. Wolf spiders have amazingly reflective eyes and tend to be out and about more at night. Walk with a flashlight and their eyes will reflect back as shining, emerald green glowing spots. It’s really an amazing sight.

  4. I can’t even express how cool it is that you even saw it! Much less had your camera too! 😀

    Speaking of how great this would as a teaching aid, can I use this in a program on animal color? It’s an educational activity for a non-profit. Right now I’m using the lessons as an afterschool science/dino club. My email is zelkwin at gmail.com. This may have some bearing on your permissions: In the future, I am hoping to make this lessons available for rent. The lesson comes with instructions, all the materials needed, and any posters, cards, and handouts they may need. It’s all intended to keep the organization afloat, not profit. I’m going to be following this post via email as well, so you can post here rather than mailing if you want too.

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