5 comments on “The Venus flytrap conundrum: which photo to choose?

  1. You’re right–that’s a very tough decision–but a good one to have to make! They’re all exceptional photos, with their own unique qualities that make them “top of post” worthy. I like the subtle quality of the b/w version, but the colors are so eye-catching that the color version is pretty hard not to stare at for a while. Since I don’t have “real” macro equipment, I have to rely totally on available light (or resort to using my in-camera flash turned all the way to its lowest power) for my photography, I tend to enjoy looking at those you call more “clinical,” because I can’t achieve the same effect on my own. But both lighting options seem to work well in your case.

    And I especially enjoying seeing your work in progress, so that one day when I can invest in proper macro equipment, I’ll have some idea where to start!

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