5 comments on “A wiggly quest: hunting (and photographing) the wild flatworm (Polycelis coronata)

  1. Beautiful!!!!! I love these little guys! They are the organisms that I use in my own research in pharmacology and neurobiology. Did you know that they can get addicted (yes, addicted) to many of the same substances that humans abuse like nicotine and others? They are fascinating! Is there an email address where I can contact you to ask you a few questions about the pictures? Thanks for the post!

  2. That story almost sums up my love of planaria, as well. Imagine my delight when I came back from a water net algae collecting outing, only to find a dozen or more brown planaria in the bottom of the bag. I first thought they were leaches, until one un-scrunched and quit inch-worming, and I saw the eyes pots. Way cool!

    I have a 50 gallon aquarium outside, where I keep seed shrimp, Planaria, three different kinds of aquatic snails and hopefully scuds, along with a mess of Aldrovanda.

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