3 comments on “Photography of a water beetle part 2: and now for the good stuff

  1. I’m curious: do you call this a predaceous beetle? It looks like a water scavenger beetle to me, and I thought predaceous beetle means: predator, like the Dytiscidae. Do you know the species name? It looks a bit like my Enochrus (see my website, page:beetles2). Very nice pictures by the way!

    • Hi Gerard. Thank you very much for your comment. I wanted to take my time in responding as I was receiving conflicting suggestions as to its identification. A couple of knowledgeable people (including you) contacted me and suggested that it was actually a water scavenger beetle. However, I had other people telling me it was definitely a predaceous diving beetle and even suggesting a species name! Unfortunately I released the specimen after photographing it so I haven’t been able to confirm either way. So I have decided to just call it a water beetle for the time being, although after looking up the differences and scrutinizing my photos I tend to agree that it is a water scavenger beetle. By the way, your website is fantastic!


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